Description: Eat and drink with cheap budget in a family atmosphere in people’s homes.

Hospitality:The guests can come to eat with you, by giving in advance the date and time reported
via the website and if it is accepted by the resident himself, then the eatery can start.

WHAT? Breakfast, afternoon food and / or evening food.
What you eat depends on who you are going to eat, this can be with an Italian, Belgian,
Turkish family or with someone of another nationality who make their specialties from food.

WHY? Everyone has to eat and eat every day for themselves, so why not make 1 or 2 extra
meals for several people and at the same time earn some extra money.

WHO? For Backpackers, Couples or single with or without children traveling around,
making trips or traveling around. They can see if there is something in their neighborhood
somewhere at other people can eat at a good price.

HOW? Via the website you search in the neighborhood where you are going
a family that you can offer something you would like to eat, then there in neighborhood
you see if you can eat somewhere cheap with a family at the time they offer.

Example: At I find a Belgian family during the day outing of the Atomium
monument in Brussels, which makes fries with steak and 1 cola for lunch. The amount is
6 euros / person.

So much cheaper than anywhere else if you know that this costs, for example, somewhere else
twice the cost per person.

But it can also be with an italian family where people at that time eat spaghetti for a price
of 4 euro / person.
Or with a Turkish family that eats turk lunch.
Or with any family, if we can eat well, tasty and cheap.


A lot of fun.

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