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Make Money Hosting Meals In Your Home With It’s a Win-Win.

Are you craving a home cooked meal? No matter where you are in the world, can help you find a tasty meal created by a friendly cook in their home kitchen. Pretty cool, right?, or Meal Sharing, connects home cooks with hungry people. By playing matchmaker for hosts and guests, StayToEat brings people together to build communities, share resources, promote healthier lifestyles, and to increase cultural understanding. And guess what? This shared economy company is thriving.

Let’s take a look at how Meal Sharing works:

Aspiring Meal Sharing hosts sign up online and post the meal that they want to serve. They set the price, date, time, number of guests, location, and the menu. Once the meal is posted, hungry diners, aka guests, can find the meal on Those guests can search for home cooked meals based on location, meal type, or food preference. Diners can find just about any type of meal imaginable – dinners, potlucks, cocktail parties, breakfasts, late night snacks, and more.

Once the guest selects their dining experience, they book and pay for it online. Then the guest shows up, the host cooks the meal, and the guests mingle and network. Everyone gets to meet new people, enjoy delicious food, and be a part of the Meal Sharing community. It’s a dining experience that everyone will enjoy.

After the meal is complete, Meal Sharing pays the host. Payments are usually paid two to three days in advance for half and the amount to be paid upon arrival. According to the Help Center it is free to post meals on Meal Sharing website There are also no service costs as long as the price per person remains below 10 euros. Whatever the cook will charge if the price per guest is mutually arranged, the number of guests is what they get paid.

Hosts can count anywhere from 4 euros to … euros + per guest per meal. They can stay the same and cover costs, or they can change the sharing of meals into a lucrative and fun income-forming side issue. The amount that a host can make depends on the number of meals they serve, the price per guest and the number of guests they receive.

But sharing Meal is not just about earning money. The point is that you can use technology to find a home cooked meal anywhere in the world. It is attractive for both travelers and the local population. There is something special about the bond with people about a tasty meal in the comfort of someone’s home. That is why has established Meal Sharing.

Inspired by his first meal with family and friends, this website StayToEat is set up to do Meal Sharing. Now there is the possibility to share meals everywhere around the world. It can quickly spread to more than … cities around the world, such as New York, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Brussels, Amsterdam and Chicago. Thousands of home cooks can earn some money through This website has a bright future and the global community is growing steadily. Are you ready to become a host for sharing meals?

If you want to become a home cook to share meals and want to receive others at home, make your first meal online. Each meal has its own web page with all the details about the dining experience – maps, facilities, dates, availability, price, booking information, etc.

Provide all necessary information so that diners can find and book your meal. Once guests sign up for your meal, you are one step closer to earning your first salary through meal exchange.

Sharing meals makes it easy for people to make money, make friends and enjoy food. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and help make the world a better place, one meal at a time. Are you ready to be part of this global community for sharing meals? That’s what we thought.